Operating Procedures for Car-with-Driver Services in Canberra

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  • Operating procedures for Car-with-Driver Services in Canberra

In order to ensure the most effective use of the resources available in Canberra to meet the needs of the 43rd Parliament, COMCAR would like to confirm the following operating procedures for its car-with-driver services.

As you would be aware, a Parliamentary Shuttle service operates in sitting weeks and is managed by the Transport Offices of each House Department using COMCAR resources.  Accordingly the Shuttle will only operate when the Transport Offices are open.  The Officers of the relevant House Department will advise you of the times that the Shuttle will operate.

Bookings for journeys during these Shuttle times should be made with the relevant Transport Office.  All Shuttle bookings should be for point to point journeys only.  Under the entitlement a break in journey is permitted, provided the break is for no longer than 30 minutes duration.  If the break in journey is greater than 30 minutes, the vehicle must be released and a new reservation made for the next journey. 

Reservations made with the Transport Offices which fall outside the Shuttle operating times will be transferred to COMCAR. 

When the Shuttle is not running, Senators and Members will need to book cars through COMCAR by telephoning the National Reservations Centre 13 18 47.

COMCAR allocates the driving resources for the next day prior to 6pm each evening. Your assistance in making reservations for the following day before 6pm would be appreciated to allow a COMCAR vehicle to be provided whenever possible.

For reservations made at short notice, i.e. with less than 4 hours notice, or made after 8pm in the evening, it may not be possible to allocate a COMCAR resource and a hire car or taxi may need to be assigned.

In the event of there being greater demand than COMCAR resources can accommodate, the Commonwealth Order of Precedence is used to determine which clients are assigned COMCAR vehicles in the first instance. Again it may be necessary for hire cars or taxis to be assigned to some clients.

If you have any queries in regard to these procedures please do not hesitate to contact:

Key Contacts

Ms Maree Faulkner

National Manager

02 6280 1001

Ms Lesley Bills

Client Liaison Manager           

02 6280 1014

Email COMCAR@finance.gov.au


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