Commencement of the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority

Key Points
  • On 3 April 2017, the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA) commenced operations.
  • There are changed arrangements for enquiries relating to the Parliamentarians and MOP(S) Staff work expenses framework.

Advice regarding parliamentarians’ and MOP(S) Act employees’ work expenses is now split between two entities – IPEA enquiries (travel, reporting and other matters managed by IPEA) and all other work expense enquiries (managed by Ministerial and Parliamentary Services).

New contact details are below:

IPEA enquiries

IPEA enquiries (02) 6215 3000
Parliamentarians & MOP(S)
Hours of operation 9:00am – 5:00pm EST

All other work expense and employee enquiries

Parliamentarians (02) 6215 3542
MOP(S) staff (02) 6215 3333
Parliamentarians & MOP(S)
Hours of operation 9:00am EST – 5:00pm WST

The core functions of IPEA relate to travel, reporting and audit, including:

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services will retain the following functions:

Please also note that there have been changes to the Advice and Support Directors in Ministerial and Parliamentary Services. The new arrangements and contact details are set out below:

Lauren Barons (NSW/WA/ACT)

02 6215 3426

Daniel Collet (SA/QLD)

02 6215 1373

Shane McGaughey (VIC/TAS/NT)

02 6215 3827


Lauren Barons
A/g Assistant Secretary
Advice and Support Branch
Ministerial and Parliamentary Services
6 April 2017

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