Determination 2016/08: Members of Parliament – Travelling Allowance

Key Points
  • Effective on and from 28 August 2016

    • New domestic travelling allowance rates for Parliamentarians apply.
    • New domestic travelling allowance rates in Canberra for Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 employees apply.
    • Travelling Ministers and office holders will no longer be able to claim the additional $10 travelling allowance when accompanied by their spouses.

The Remuneration Tribunal made a new determination which updates the rates of domestic travelling allowance (TA) for Parliamentarians and is effective on and from 28 August 2016.

The principal changes in the determination include:

The Canberra TA rate payable to Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 employees, which is linked to the Canberra TA rate payable to Parliamentarians, will also increase by $3 per overnight stay.

The current version of Parliamentarian’s Travel Declaration (Form 4) will remain on the website for 60 days following the changes and should be used for all travel undertaken prior to 28August2016. An updated version of the form, which reflects the changes contained in the new determination is also available for travel from and including 28 August 2016.

Should you require any further information regarding TA, please contact your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ Entitlements Manager on the number below*.

Yours sincerely


Scott Ryan
26 August 2016

*M&PS’ Entitlements Managers Contact Number
Shane McGaughey (QLD & NT) 02 6215 3827
Lauren Barons (NSW & ACT) 02 6215 3426
Deesiree Kaufline (VIC & TAS) 02 6215 3640
Bernadette Levett (SA & WA) 02 6215 1415

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