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Current Circulars relate to provisions currently available under the parliamentary work expense framework. Some circulars may contain references to historical legislative instruments and/or information. However, elements of the circular, for example the administration of the provision, remain current.

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Reference Topic Date
2017/05 Departmental How to manage Protest Activity at Your Office 25/5/2017
2017/04 SMOS Reconstitution of the Employee Consultative Group 31/5/2017
2017/03 Departmental Commencement of New MOPS Act Enterprise Agreement 13/4/2017
2017/02 Departmental Commencement of the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority 6/4/2017
2017/01 Departmental New Motor Vehicle Allowance Rate 5/1/2017
2016/13 SMOS Ballot Result - MOP(S) Act Enterprise Agreement 25/11/2016
2016/12 SMOS Ballot for New MOP(S) Act Enterprise Agreement 10/11/2016
2016/11 Departmental Determinations for Electorate Officer Positions, Staff Travel and Relief Staff 7/10/2016
2016/09 SMOS Determination 2016/08: Members of Parliament - Travelling Allowance 26/8/2016
2016/08 Departmental Work Health and Safety Arrangements for MOP(S) Act Employees 13/9/2016
2016/07 Departmental Work Health and Safety Arrangement in Parliamentarians' Workplaces 13/9/2016
2016/04 Departmental Personalised Letterhead Stationery and Postal Vote Applications 9/5/2016
2016/03 Departmental Adjustment to Office Budgets 14/4/2016
2016/01 Departmental Commencement of the Parliamentary Injury Compensation Scheme 23/5/2016
2015/20 Departmental Use of Regulated Ridesharing Services - Family Reunion and Staff Travel 18/12/2015
2015/19 SMOS Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement - Commencement of Bargaining 11/12/2015
2015/10 Departmental Work Health and Safety - Air Travel 6/7/2015
2013/06 Departmental Management of Duplicate Airline Bookings 5/4/2013
2012/39 SMOS Provision of Portable Induction Hearing Loop Devices 31/7/2012

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