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Monthly Management Reports – Purpose of Certification

Key points

  • Monthly management reports form an integral part of the accountability arrangements for entitlements provided to Senators, Members and their staff
  • Certification of the monthly management reports is an important element of the accountability framework for entitlements
  • Senators and Members have two options for certifying their monthly management report:
    • they may certify the use of all entitlements; or
    • they may certify personal and family use of entitlements and authorise a staff member to certify the use of staff and general administrative entitlements

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) provides monthly management reports (MMRs) to all Senators and Members.  The reports include a range of information, including detailed expenditure and transactional data for all entitlements, budgets and/or limits and family and employee details.

It is timely to remind Senators and Members of their responsibilities in relation to certifying their MMRs and to reiterate that the purpose of certification requirement.   Although MMRs are a tool provided to assist Senators and Members in managing their entitlements, Senators and Members are not certifying that the value of transactions in MMRs is accurate, rather, Senators and Members are certifying that the use of entitlements, as reported in MMRs, complies with the legislative framework.  Any anomalies or inaccuracies identified by offices during the process of checking the data contained in MMRs should be advised to the Entitlements Management Branch so that M&PS’ records can be checked and updated as necessary.

It is important that Parliamentarians certify the use of entitlements to meet community and accountability standards expected of such use. Senators and Members are asked to certify MMRs on a monthly basis, and have two options for certifying MMRs:

  1. The Senator or Member signs Part A of the Certification form that certifies the use of all the entitlements in the report; or
  2. The Senator or Member signs Part A of the Certification form that relates to the use of personal and family entitlements and an authorised staff member signs Part B certifying the use of staff and the general administrative entitlements.

Should you wish to authorise another person to undertake certification of entitlements use covered by Part B, you are requested to complete the form Authorisation to Exercise Powers (Form 7) which is available on the M&PS information site on the Parliament House intranet at http://mops and return the form to M&PS. 

M&PS sends the MMRs to each Senator and Members’ nominated email address by the 15th day of the subsequent month.  However, should you require your MMRs to be sent to an additional or an alternative email address, please advise the Entitlements Management Branch of the details via email to emb@finance.gov.au.

Should you require any further information on any of these matters, please contact your M&PS’ Entitlements Manager on the number below*.


Signed by Deb Lewis on behalf of Greg Miles
Assistant Secretary
Entitlements Management Branch
Ministerial and Parliamentary Services
15 November 2010

*M&PS’ Entitlements Managers

Deb Lewis (QLD/SA)

02 6215 3827

Dana Boskov (A/g) (NSW/WA/ACT) 

02 6215 3426

Andrew House (VIC/TAS/NT)

02 6215 3640

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