Employee Consultative Group


The Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012-2015 (Enterprise Agreement) establishes an Employee Consultative Group (ECG) comprising employee representatives from all political parties on a proportional basis to Party staff numbers, and representatives from the unions covered by the Enterprise Agreement.

The ECG will be consulted on workplace issues affecting employees employed under the Enterprise Agreement, such as terms and conditions of employment. The ECG will also be consulted on guidelines and policies in relation to the Enterprise Agreement.

Future meeting dates

Meetings are scheduled for:

Members of the Employee Consultative Group

The ECG employee representatives and their contact details, where available, are listed in the table below:

Name Party Contact Details
David Hughes Liberal Party of Australia
Rosemary Little Liberal Party of Australia
Chris Browne Liberal Party of Australia
Cathy Heidrich The Nationals
Fiona Ross Australian Labor Party
Ben Maxfield Australian Labor Party
Kris Cruden Australian Labor Party
Sam Drummond The Australian Greens
Joy Montgomery Independent Senators and Members

The ECG union representatives and their contact details are listed in the table below.

Name Union Contact Details
Ms Kim Travers Community and Public Sector Union
Ms Joanne Knight Australian Services Union

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference were agreed by the ECG on 20 June 2014.

Minutes of Meetings

The minutes of ECG meetings will be published as soon as possible after each meeting.

Minutes of Previous ECG Meetings

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