Travelling Allowance (TA)

A single flat rate of TA incorporating accommodation, meals and incidental expenses will be paid to an employee directed to travel on official business by their employing Senator or Member, where the travel requires an overnight stay away from the employee’s work base.

TA is only payable for travel that involves an overnight stay.

For TA purposes the capital city boundaries are as determined by the Remuneration Tribunal.

TA can be paid as an:

Rates of TA

TA rates are set by the Minister in accordance with rates determined from time to time by an independent organisation based on current market data.

For overnight stays in Canberra the rate:

Motor Vehicle Allowance (MVA)

Employees will be paid MVA when directed by their employing Senator or Member to travel using their privately owned vehicle or a self-drive hire vehicle, at their own expense, for the purpose of official business where it will result in greater efficiency or involves less expense.

The Senator or Member must authorise the use of a private vehicle for the purpose of official business in advance of travel. Where it is not possible to complete a claim form in advance of the travel, verbal or written authorisation should be obtained and subsequently documented in the claim form.

MVA Rate

The rate of MVA is determined by an independent organisation from time to time, based on current market data.

From 6 January 2017, the MVA rate is 61 cents per kilometre.

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