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    New Property Services Provider, Five D

    From 1 July 2015, Five D will be the new contracted property services provider for M&PS. Contact details will be provided closer to the changeover date.

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    Changes to Ordering Australian Flags

    From 1 May 2015, Australian flags under the Constituents' Request Programme must be ordered from OfficeMax. Senators and Members are to use the revised Request for Flags under the Constituents' Request Programme form.

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    Flu Vaccination Program 2015

    Information on the 2015 Flu Vaccination Program is now available.

Topics of Interest

  • Tax: 27 Pay Days in 2015/2016 Financial Year
    In the F/Y 2015/16 there will be 27 pay periods instead of the usual 26. This extra pay may result in insufficient tax being withheld overall. If you are concerned about the tax shortfall, you can request an additional amount of tax be deducted from your pay, as per the ATO table below, by emailing MOPSPay&Conditions@finance.gov.au.
Fortnightly earnings $ Additional fortnightly tax deduction $
1,400 to 3,049 12
3,050 to 6,799 17
6,800 and over 42

For the deduction to commence from the beginning of the F/Y, the request must be received by M&PS before Tues 23 June 15.

    Note: The above amounts are based on the tax rates for the current F/Y, and may be updated by the ATO once the tax rates for the 2015/16 F/Y are published.

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