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    Senators and Members Information Session

    All Senators and Members are invited to attend a work health and safety information session to be delivered by Comcare and Finance at 10am on 27 Aug 2014, in Committee Room 2R2.

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    Revised Enterprise Agreement Guidelines

    Minor updates have been made to several Enterprise Agreement Guidelines. The updated guidelines have been tagged ‘revised’.

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    OrderMax Queries

    All OrderMax queries should be directed to the WA State Office. The WA team can assist with product queries, supply issues and returns. OfficeMax should not be contacted directly

Topics of Interest

  • Processing Timeframes
    The table below outlines the expected timeframes for processing of entitlements for the Enterprise Agreement and Senate change-over:
    Pay Dates Entitlement
    3 Jul 14 Salary increase
    Increase in allowances
    17 Jul 14 ESA allocation changes
    Final entitlements
    31 Jul 14 ESA allocation changes
    Final entitlements
    14 Aug 14 Retention payments
    28 Aug 14 Common salary increment

Recent Circulars


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  • New Employee's Guide
  • Electorate Employees' Salary Rates
  • Electorate Employees' Classification Structure
  • Personal Employees' Classification Structure
  • Senior Staff Classification Structure
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