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  • MOP(S) Act Staff Travelling Allowance Determination

    MOP(S) Act Staff Travelling Allowance Determination

    The 120 night rule for travelling allowance in Canberra has been set aside from the dissolution of Parliament until 30 June 2016 by SMOS Determination 2016/8.

  • Election Information

    Election Information

    Updated election information is available. Upon the calling of an election, specific information relevant to each person’s individual circumstances is emailed to all Senators, Members and their employees.

  • Changes to Entitlements Manager arrangements

    Changes to Entitlements Manager arrangements

    From Monday, 9 May 2016, Entitlements Manager arrangements were restructured.

Topics of Interest

  • Casual Employees’ Travel
    In many instances, a casual employee has no entitlement to claim the cost of domestic travel or travelling allowance, as a work base is defined in the Enterprise Agreement as the place of work where an employee spends most time on duty.

    Where a casual employee travels for all or most of a number of consecutive working days, the place travelled to will be their work base. It is an employee’s responsibility (expense) to travel between their home and their work base, and travelling allowance cannot be claimed at an employee’s work base.

    Please contact the Staff Help Desk for further information.


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