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  • Property Services Provider Change of Name

    Property Services Provider Change of Name

    M&PS' property services provider, Five D, has been acquired by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Re-branding to JLL has commenced and will continue during the first half of 2016. There will be no disruption to the operation of the HelpDesk

  • Consultation  Bullying and Harassment Policy

    Consultation Bullying and Harassment Policy

    Finance seeks Senators and Members' comments on a draft bullying and harassment policy for MOP(S) Act employees. Consultation will close on 19 Feb 2015. Senators and Members can request a copy of the draft policy through emb@finance.gov.au.

  • Relocation Entitlement

    Relocation Entitlement

    Before any relocation, we recommend that employees read the Relocation Expenses Guideline and Relocation checklist, then contact the Staff Help Desk to discuss their individual entitlement to travel expenses, temporary accommodation and removalists.

  • Bargaining Representative Appointment Form

    Bargaining Representative Appointment Form

    Employees may appoint a bargaining representative for the enterprise agreement negotiations by completing the Bargaining Representative Appointment Form.

Topics of Interest

  • Casual Employees’ Travel
    In many instances, a casual employee has no entitlement to claim the cost of domestic travel or travelling allowance, as a work base is defined as the place of work where an employee spends most time on duty under their employment agreement.

    Where an employee travels for most of their casual employment agreement, the place travelled to becomes their work base. It is an employee’s responsibility (expense) to travel to and from their work base, and travelling allowance cannot be claimed at an employee’s work base.

Please contact the Staff Help Desk for further information.

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