COMCAR Client Newsletter May 2017


Key Points:
  • Changes to Adelaide Convention Centre
  • Lost Property
  • Essential Details required for making a reservation
  • Proper restraint of children in a COMCAR

Changes to Adelaide Convention Centre

When placing a reservation to or from the Adelaide Convention Centre, please note that there is no parking on North Terrace.  Pick-ups will now be from the Horseshoe at the Intercontinental.  No changes have been made to the western pickup.

Lost Property

COMCAR has noticed an increase in the amount of property left behind in vehicles.  Every effort is made to return items to their owners, however some items remain unclaimed.  If, at any time, you become aware that you may have misplaced an item in a COMCAR, please contact the National Reservation Centre on 131847 or the Client Liaison Manager.  Current lost property items include:

Please note that items that remain unclaimed for more than three months will be disposed of.

Essential Details required for making a reservation

COMCAR prides itself on delivering the highest possible levels of service to our clients.  Making sure you have all information to hand before calling our National Operations Centre will help us to make your reservation quickly and efficiently. 

Please ensure that you:

We will also ask the caller for their name and a contact number.  Unfortunately, COMCAR drivers are unable to make or amend reservations on behalf of clients.  All COMCAR reservations must be made by calling the National Operations Centre.

Proper restraint of children in a COMCAR

Clients are reminded that COMCAR is able to provide forward and rear facing infant restraints and booster seats.  We have recently completed a trial of the use of Isofix child car seats.  This has proved successful and COMCAR has purchased a number of forward and rear facing Isofix child restraints nationally, with the current suite of child restraints being replaced with Isofix restraints as required.  The Isofix seats are easier to fit and are more easily adjusted to suit the height of the child.  We respectfully request your patience should the seat need to be adjusted to suit the individual needs of your child.

Our drivers are instructed to only transport children who remain safely secured in the appropriate, legal child restraint.  Under no circumstances are COMCAR drivers permitted to break any Australian Road Rules when transporting passengers.

There have been instances recently where clients have asked drivers to transport children without proper child restraints.  The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (Kidsafe) provides a 5 Step Test to determine whether a child is big enough to obtain optimal protection from an adult seat belt  It would be appreciated if all clients could ensure that the correct child restraint is requested when reservations are made.


Key Contacts

COMCAR Contact Phone Number Mobile Number Email Address
Client Liaison Manager
Donna Fiveash
02 6215 1617 0413 994 182
Postal Address: COMCAR - Department of Finance, One Canberra Avenue, FORREST ACT 2603
The National Reservation Centre can be contacted throughout Australia on 131 847

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