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Reporting an Incident or Hazard


What is a work-related incident?

Work-related incidents generally occur in connection with work performed for a Senator or Member. It may be appropriate to report an incident that occurred outside work if the incident is likely to affect your capacity to perform work. If in doubt, report.

Work-related incidents include:

Which incidents are notifiable?

Under the WHS Act, a notifiable incident, that must be reported to Comcare, means:

The Notifiable Incident Flowchart provides more information to help determine whether an incident is a notifiable incident.

Reporting incidents during working hours

All incidents must be reported to Konekt Response immediately. During working hours, Konekt will arrange with Finance to report Notifiable Incidents to Comcare.

Reporting incidents outside working hours

If Konekt Response is unavailable, Notifiable Incidents must be reported to Comcare on 1300 366 979 immediately. This number will enable you to speak with an on-call Comcare Inspector at any time.

All incidents must be reported to Konekt Response at the first opportunity.

If you have made an after-hours telephone report to Comcare, you must advise Konekt Response of your report at the first opportunity, so that Konekt and Finance can follow up with a full written report to Comcare regarding the incident.

What should I do after I have reported a notifiable incident to Comcare?

Who should report an incident

To ensure that reports are accurate, it is recommended that, wherever practicable, the person involved in the incident makes the report.

If a MOP(S) Act employee involved in an incident is unable to report it, then the WHS Site Officer, a colleague or supervisor may call Konekt Response or Comcare on the injured person’s behalf. Any hazard that may have contributed to the incident should be reported to Konekt.


All employees have a responsibility to report WHS hazards and manage workplace risk.

Hazards include:

Hazard Reporting

On identifying a hazard the employee should:

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