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WHS Committee Meeting 26 May 2017

Friday, 26 May 2017 10.00 am
Parliament House, Room 1S2

Attendance Details




Melanie Beaumont

Liberal Party of Australia

Hugh Eriksson

Liberal Party of Australia

Joshua Manuatu

Liberal Party of Australia

Helen Lewis

Liberal Party of Australia

Sarah Panizza

Liberal Party of Australia

Emma Harding

Australian Labor Party

Kylie Brenton

Australian Labor Party

Maree Goodrick

Australian Labor Party

Simon Kelly

The Nationals

Kristian Nelson

Independent Senators and Members

Felicity Redfern

Office of the Special Minister of State

Marg Emerton

Ministerial & Parliamentary Services

Sharon Forester

Ministerial & Parliamentary Services

Kim Travers

Community and Public Sector Union




Elliott Westbury

Australian Greens

Susanne Heath

Australian Labor Party

Steve Michelson

Australian Labor Party

Miranda Broekman

The Nationals

Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened: 10:10 am
Meeting chair: Marg Emerton
Meeting closed: 11:00 am

1 Welcome and apologies

Ms Emerton welcomed members to the WHS Committee meeting for MOP(S) Act employees and thanked them for their attendance. As teleconferencing was unavailable, apologies were noted from those HSRs who were unable to call in.

2 Actions arising from the previous meeting

Staff Assistance Officer Training

The Department:

Action Item:

3 WHS report

The Committee noted the quarterly WHS Report provided by Konekt.

Action Item:

4 Nomination of HSRs and Deputy HSRs

The Department noted that there are currently a number of vacant HSR and Deputy HSR positions.

Action Item:

5 Other business

Mr Nelson queried the scope of the Emergency Officer role. In the course of a recent evacuation exercise, he had been directed to evacuate an entire floor of the building his office is located in. The Department confirmed that the duties of an Emergency Officer are limited to their employing parliamentarian’s office.

Ms Travers asked whether information on domestic violence support services could be included on the M&PS website.

Action Items:

6 Next meeting

The Committee agreed that the next meeting will be held at Parliament House at 10:00am AEST on Friday 18 August 2017.

Action Items

Action Item

Status as at 16 June 2017

The Department to liase with the facilitator of the SAO training to discuss the content and possible dates for delivery


Department to circulate draft SAO training materials to HSRs for consultation

Partially completed. Previous discussion scenarios were circulated for comment on 15 June 2017.

Department to prioritise confirming the current status of minor hazards so that reported hazards that have been controlled can be closed.


Department to discuss the emergency management plan for Mr Nelson’s building with the building manager to confirm that there are designated floor wardens for each storey of the building.

Department to advise current vacancies to

  • HSRs from relevant work groups
  • the offices of the Chief Government Whip, the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader of The Greens.


Department to identify appropriate domestic violence referral services for inclusion on the M&PS website.



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