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WHS Site Officer Responsibilities

What is the role of a WHS Site Officer?

A WHS Site Officer provides and coordinates certain WHS tasks at their particular site(s) of employment, performing essential functions that cannot be conducted off-site or remotely.

How is a WHS Site Officer selected?

A Senator or Member must nominate a WHS Site Officer when the position of WHS Site Officer becomes vacant in their office.

A Senator or Member nominates a MOP(S) Act employee by completing Form 144: Work Health and Safety (WHS) Roles Nomination.

The nominated WHS Site Officer must:

It is preferable, but not essential, that the employee has existing skills, training, experience and interest in carrying out the WHS duties.

What are the responsibilities of a WHS Site Officer?

The responsibilities of the appointed WHS Site Officer will vary slightly depending on the nature of the office in which they work. However, irrespective of their individual circumstances, each WHS Site Officer must:

What training is available to WHS Site Officers?

All WHS Site Officers will receive training to assist them to fulfil the requirements of the role.

What resources are available to WHS Site Officers?

Forms and Checklists

The following documents are provided to assist WHS Site Officers to perform their role:

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a risk management tool to help you identify hazards and control risks in an office environment.

Corporate Responsibility Allowance

WHS Site Officers will receive payment of corporate responsibility allowance (CRA) of $20 per fortnight once they have completed their WHS Site Officer training. The continued payment of CRA requires WHS Site Officers to fulfil the duties as outlined in the responsibilities of a WHS Site Officer. This includes the submission of quarterly inspection reports within the timeframes specified. In accordance with paragraph 5 of the CRA Guideline, WHS Site Officers who do not submit regular quarterly inspection reports will have their CRA payment withheld.

If a Senator or Member nominates a new WHS Site Officer, payment of CRA to the existing WHS Site Officer will cease from the date that the new WHS Site Officer completes his or her training.

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