2024-2027 bargaining representatives

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27 November 2023

The Government has commenced bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement to replace the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020-23, which nominally expires on 5 August 2023.

The Government, represented by MaPS, is conducting bargaining with employee and union bargaining representatives. Bargaining representatives are entitled to attend bargaining meetings, make proposals for the enterprise agreement and respond to proposals of other representatives.

Members of a union covered by the enterprise agreement (i.e. the CPSU and ASU) will be represented by their union, unless they nominate another bargaining representative. Other employees are not represented at bargaining unless they nominate a bargaining representative.

Should you wish to nominate yourself or another person to be a bargaining representative at bargaining meetings:

  • complete the bargaining representative appointment form (see related resources)
  • give the form to your bargaining representative
  • email a copy of the form to eacomment@finance.gov.au.

What is the role of a bargaining representative? A bargaining representative is an employer, an employer organisation or a person who is nominated to negotiate on behalf of employees to be covered by the agreement. For further information please see S.176 of the Fair Work Act.

Bargaining representatives will attend bargaining meetings and negotiate conditions on behalf of themselves as an individual, or on behalf of a cohort of staff. The Fair Work Commission has published an updated version of the Enterprise agreements bench book.

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MaPS invites you to attend a staff information session regarding the commencement of bargaining for the new Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement.

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