Postage Meter Readings

Postage meter readings are undertaken at the end of each financial year to enable the calculation of the office budget for the following financial year. Readings may also be taken at other times, for example, prior to a Federal election.

When requested each office needs to connect their postage meter to enable the reading to occur. The steps to facilitate the reading are outlined below.

Connecting the postage meter will also provide an opportunity for any machine maintenance and software upgrades to be carried out.

If it is not possible to have the remote reading process conducted when requested, the office should contact their relevant M&PS’ State or Territory Manager.


Plug the phone cord into the modem on the UIC and Wall outlet.

Photo of Postage Meter

Step 2

Select the Funds key on the UIC.

Photo of Postage Meter Function keys

Step 3

Select Postage by Phone Balance.

Face of Postage Meter

The balance will be electronically transferred to Pitney Bowes and the postage meter reading will be completed.

Please note that the above process will not remove any funds from the postage meter. It will simply create a record of the balance at the time the online report is generated.