COMCAR Client Newsletter November 2016

Key Points:
  • Travelling with Close Personal Protection
  • Changes to parking/stopping in and around the Sydney Opera House
  • Trial of ISOFIX child car seats – ACT, NSW and VIC
  • Helpful Hints

Travelling with Close Personal Protection

To assist with the allocation of suitably trained drivers, or where additional information may be required, please ensure that you advise the National Reservations Centre on those occasions when you will be accompanied by, or have travel supported by, Close Personal Protection officers.

Changes to parking/stopping in and around the Sydney Opera House

COMCAR has been advised of changes to the arrangements at the Sydney Opera House. All vehicles are to drop at the Macquarie Street Gatehouse. Parking is no longer available on the concourse beneath the Monumental Steps. Passengers with accessibility requirements may be able to arrange pick-up from the loading dock under special circumstances. This cannot be arranged by COMCAR on your behalf. Please make sure you discuss any special arrangements with our National Reservation Centre at the time of booking.

Trial of ISOFIX child car seats – ACT, NSW and VIC

COMCAR is currently trialling the use of Isofix child car seats within the COMCAR ACT, NSW and VIC fleets. The Isofix system has been used in Europe for a number of years and has recently been approved for use in Australia.

The Isofix system is designed to provide increased protection along with being easier to fit in a vehicle. Based on the results of the trial, COMCAR will consider purchasing Isofix child car seats to replace the current seatbelt-fixed child seats being used.

COMCAR drivers are instructed to only transport children who are secured in an appropriate, legal child restraint. Clients must ensure that the correct seat or infant restraint is requested at the time of booking. Under no circumstances are COMCAR drivers permitted to break any Australian Road Rules when transporting passengers.

If you have any questions regarding this trial, please contact COMCAR’s Client Liaison Manager

Helpful Hints

COMCAR prides itself on delivering the highest possible levels of service to our clients. There are a few things you can do to help us to streamline your travel arrangements:

  • Make sure you allow sufficient time for travel to the airport. Major roadworks (e.g. Tullamarine Freeway) can add up to 30 minutes’ travel time in peak hours.
  • Promptly notify us of any changes to your plans. Timely notification of your travel changes allows COMCAR to correctly reschedule vehicles and resources. This includes advising us where your travel plans will extend significantly beyond the initial reservation; or where you have been delayed and will not be ready for your scheduled pick-up time.
  • COMCAR operates with a casual driving workforce who are engaged to work in line with the number of reservations for the following day. We make every effort to utilise COMCAR drivers and vehicles to meet all reservations and make a significant effort to minimise use of hire cars and taxis in metropolitan areas.

Please note that for reservations made at short notice, i.e. with less than four hours’ notice, or made after 8pm in the evening, it may not be possible to allocate a COMCAR resource and a hire car or taxi may need to be allocated.

In the event of there being greater demand than COMCAR resources can accommodate, the Commonwealth Order of Precedence is used to determine which clients are assigned COMCAR vehicles in the first instance.

  • On those occasions where COMCAR is aware of local events, and where there may be an expected increase in traffic congestion and road closures, COMCAR may recommend alternative pick-up locations in an attempt to alleviate any service issues.
  • COMCAR drivers have been instructed that they are not to stop or park illegally under any circumstances. Where drivers are unable to legally park or where parking is unavailable, drivers will park as close as possible to the collection point or circle the block. If you are unable to locate your vehicle, you are asked to call our National Reservations Centre on 13 18 47. Our staff will be able to either direct you to where your car is located or transfer you directly to the driver to coordinate your collection.
  • Clients are reminded that luggage storage or delivery separate to the passenger is not a service COMCAR provides. If luggage is left in the vehicle, the reservation will be changed to ‘As Directed’ and the vehicle and luggage will remain at the same location as the passenger until the luggage is claimed. Clients will be charged for the period where the vehicle is standing by.
  • Please let us know if there are changes to your contact details for email confirmations, office communication and SMS notifications. Confirmation emails provide an opportunity for you to check the accuracy of each reservation. These are system generated following the completion of the call. Please do not reply to these emails.


Key COMCAR Contacts
COMCAR Contact Phone Number Mobile Number Email Address
Client Liaison Manager
Donna Fiveash
02 6215 1617 0413 994 182
The National Reservation Centre can be contacted throughout Australia on 13 18 47.