COMCAR Client Newsletter October 2016

Key Points:
  • Airport Arrivals
  • COMCAR Reservations
  • COMCAR Pick-up Process
  • Meet COMCAR’s Client Liaison Manager

Airport Arrivals

Where flight details (flight number and estimated time of arrival) are advised for individual reservations, COMCAR monitors flight information to ensure that drivers are in position prior to flight arrivals. Drivers will meet passengers at the designated COMCAR meeting point located within each airport, regardless of the terminal that you may have arrived at.

COMCAR Reservations

COMCAR drivers are unable to make or amend bookings on behalf of clients. All COMCAR reservations must be made by calling the National Reservation Centre on 13 18 47.

Once a reservation has been entered, clients receive a system generated confirmation email. These emails provide an opportunity for you to check the accuracy of each reservation. As these are automatically generated by our reservations system, please do not reply to these emails. Any question you may have regarding an individual reservation should be made by calling the National Reservations Centre on 13 18 47.

COMCAR Pick-up Process

COMCAR endeavours to position vehicles within the proximity of your pick-up location, up to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick‑up time. Subject to suitable parking space, the vehicle will then move to the requested pick-up point approximately five minutes prior to the scheduled pick‑up time. COMCAR drivers and hire car drivers are not to park illegally under any circumstances. This includes picking up or dropping in a ‘No Stopping’ zone. Drivers will park as close as possible to the collection point or, alternatively, circle the block should drivers be unable to legally park.

If at any time you are unable to locate your COMCAR vehicle, hire car or taxi, please contact our National Reservations Centre on 13 18 47. Our staff will be able to either direct you to where your car is located or transfer your call to the driver to coordinate your collection.

Meet COMCAR’s Client Liaison Manager

COMCAR’s Client Liaison Manager, Donna Fiveash, is based in Canberra and is available to meet with you or your staff to answer any questions you may have regarding COMCAR operations. Please telephone or email to arrange a suitable time.

Key COMCAR Contacts
COMCAR Contact Phone Number Mobile Number Email Address
Client Liaison Manager
Donna Fiveash
02 6215 1617 0413 994 182
The National Reservation Centre can be contacted throughout Australia on 13 18 47.
Postal Address: COMCAR, Department of Finance, One Canberra Avenue, FORREST ACT 2603