Commonwealth Parliament Offices (CPO) Usage

CPOs are located in each State and the Northern Territory and are managed by Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS).

Meeting rooms and suites are available in each CPO for use on a short-term basis by visiting Senators or Members.

Suites are available for use for parliamentary, electorate and official business, but not for commercial or party business.

Ministers with a permanent office in a CPO are generally not able to book a visiting suite in the same CPO.


Employees do not have an entitlement to use CPO visiting suites, unless they are accompanying their employing Senator or Member. Visiting suites are limited and their use by employees can result in other Senators and Members being denied the use of facilities.

How to Access a CPO Visiting Suite

Opening Hours

Visiting suites and meeting rooms are available for use by Senators and Members during normal business hours.

Normal business hours are generally 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, but may vary from State to State.

Senators and Members are encouraged to confirm opening hours at the time of booking. Access to CPOs by visiting Senators and Members outside of normal business hours will not be provided by M&PS unless exceptional circumstances exist. Senators and Members wishing to access the CPO after hours will need to arrange for a permanent occupant to facilitate their entry into the CPO. This is on the basis that a permanent occupant is assuming responsibility for any visitors prior to the opening, or after the closing, of the CPO for normal business.

Booking Visiting Facilities

Senators or Members wanting to book a visiting suite or meeting room may do so by contacting the relevant State Office. Suites are generally allocated on the principle of first come first served.

If there are insufficient suites available, Senators or Members may consider shared arrangements.

When a booking is no longer required, Senators and Members must cancel the booking promptly.

Access to visiting suites (Key or Swipe card)

Access to a visiting suite within a CPO will require either key or swipe card access which is provided to the Senator or Member on arrival. At the cessation of the booking, access keys or swipe cards should be returned to reception.


To assist in maintaining effective security, Senators and Members are asked to ensure that:

  • visiting suite and building keys are returned to M&PS immediately on departure
  • visitors, including media, are accompanied at all times within the CPO.

M&PS and security staff based at CPOs are not responsible for escorting visitors to and from visiting facilities booked by Senators and Members.

Where permanent occupants are entering the building after hours, care should be taken to ensure that other persons do not ‘tailgate’ and that building security is maintained. Any concerns should be reported to M&PS, or, in the case of Melbourne and Sydney, to onsite security officers.

Car Parking

Some CPOs have provision for limited car parking. Where available, a Senator or Member may book one car parking space. Priority for a car space is provided to those who have also booked a suite. Employees and visitors are not provided with a car space. The State Office will be able to assist with providing the address of public car parks in proximity to the CPO.

Visitor Attendance at CPOs

Names of visitors to the CPO are required to be submitted to M&PS prior to the day of attendance. Upon presentation at reception, the visitor will be required to sign their name and time of arrival in an attendance book. Some CPOs require attendees to wear a visitors pass. Upon departure the visitor must return the pass to reception if applicable.

TelePresence Facilities

The National TelePresence System provides secure video conferencing facilities via the Ministerial and Communications Network connecting federal, state and territory governments, and is used for inter-jurisdictional meetings.

The intention is to reduce the number of face-to-face meetings, thereby improving productivity and reducing travel costs and associated carbon emissions.

TelePresence rooms are available for use in each CPO and in Parliament House Canberra. For a full list of locations and to make bookings, please contact the Government Network Service Team (GNS) via your State Office.

Once a booking is made and confirmed by GNS, the requestor will be notified via email.

The requestor must provide a list of attendees to the relevant State Office hosting the TelePresence meeting at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time.

Note: food and drink (including water) are not permitted in the TelePresence rooms.

Media Conferences

A media room can be reserved by a Senator or Member holding a media conference by contacting the relevant State Office. Senators and Members cannot book these facilities for the use of other groups or individuals. The facilities are solely for media conferences conducted by Senators and Members.

Media will be required to show identification and sign their name and time of arrival in an attendance book. Access to other areas of the CPO is restricted therefore members of the media will be escorted directly to the media room.