Office Requisites and Stationery

Senators and Members are provided with the office requisites and stationery necessary to operate their electorate office. The office requisites and stationery expenditure is subject to an annual financial cap.

Approved List of Office Requisites and Stationery Items

Senators and Members may choose who supplies their office requisites and stationery. However, the purchase of office requisites and stationery continues to be limited to the list of items approved by the Special Minister of State.

OrderMax Online

OfficeMax is contracted for the supply of office requisites and stationery.

The OfficeMax online tool, OrderMax, has been tailored so only products available under entitlement are displayed for ordering by electorate offices.

OrderMax contains:

  • product descriptions
  • images
  • pricing and product codes
  • a reference page detailing the symbols used to identify green credentials.


Office requisites and stationery available through OfficeMax are ordered online. Nominated officers in each electorate office are supplied with a user name and password to enable online ordering through OrderMax. There is a two-tier approval process for stationery orders, with an ordering and approving officer required in each office. Offices may nominate more than one ordering officer, however only one person can be nominated as the approving officer. To nominate or amend user details please complete Form 132: OrderMax Nomination.

The relevant chamber Department supplies stationery and other office requisites for use within Parliament House.


Bulk Order Discounts

OfficeMax will provide the following discounts for order values equal to or greater than:

Order Value Discount Conditions
$100 0.7% OfficeMax will provide a discount for order values exceeding the nominated amounts but discounts will not be calculated for orders of toner and/or copy paper or for already discounted items.
$200 1.2%
$300 1.7%
$500 2.0%

Receipt of Goods

Orders sent through before midday will be delivered to your electorate office as follows:

Electorate Office Location Delivery Time
less than 1 hour from CBD
1 day
less than 3 hours from CDB
2 days
greater than 3 hours from CBD
3 days

When you receive a delivery, please:

  • check items received against the delivery docket
  • sign and date the delivery docket/s and note ‘Goods Received’
  • keep the delivery document for your returns.

If there is an issue with the delivery such as a discrepancy in the order, damaged or under/over supply of the items, etc, advise the OfficeMax Client Care Centre and quote the reference number on the delivery docket.


Items which are incorrectly ordered or supplied need to be notified for return within 5 days of delivery. OfficeMax may not accept items notified for return after 5 days.

The OfficeMax Client Care Centre can assist with returns. The following information will be required:

  • details of items to be returned
  • a copy of the delivery docket noting the item/s that need to be returned
  • the reason for the return e.g. wrong item, damaged.

Office Requisites and Stationery Budget

A limited number of office consumables are not able to be purchased through OfficeMax, but will be deducted from the budget. This includes office machine consumables (other than printer consumables) such as:

  • multi-function device staples and copy charges
  • postage meter ink
  • E-Z Seal
  • shredder bags
  • risograph ink.

Where supplied, filtered water and accessories will also be deducted from the budget.

Cleaning and janitorial items will not be deducted from the budget. Nor will chair mats, document holders, footrests or first aid kit refill items as these are provided for work health and safety reasons.

Monitoring Expenditure

Offices are responsible for monitoring the expenditure against the office requisites and stationery entitlement from all suppliers.

All expenditure on items purchased under the entitlement will be reported in the Monthly Management Report. Monthly Management Reports include expenditure for invoices that have been received and processed by M&PS, so recent invoices may not be included.  OfficeMax invoices are received and processed monthly in arrears.

In addition, a budget report can be requested at anytime using the Request Budget Report functionality.

Ad-hoc reports for items purchased from OfficeMax can be requested by contacting the OfficeMax Client Care Centre.