Private Vehicle Allowance (PVA)

A Senator or Member who uses his or her privately owned vehicle is entitled to claim private vehicle allowance (PVA) for travel on parliamentary business:

  • between home and Canberra; and
  • part of the way between home and Canberra.

PVA is paid at the rate shown below, or the cost of a business class air fare, whichever is the lesser, for the shortest practicable route.

Where a business class air fare is not available, the cost of an economy class air fare applies. When there is no convenient scheduled air service to connect with a scheduled flight to Canberra, PVA is paid at the rate shown below for the shortest practicable route between a Senator’s or Member’s home and the nearest airport practicable to connect with a Canberra flight. PVA is not payable when a private-plated vehicle is used.

PVA Rate

From 1 July 2016, the PVA rate is 66 cents per kilometre.

Travel by more than one person

When two or more people entitled to PVA use one privately owned vehicle, PVA is payable to one person only.

The amount of PVA paid is shown as a cost against the travel entitlement of the claimant in his or her monthly management report.

Parking at Airports

A Senator or Member who uses their privately owned vehicle to travel from their home part of the way to Canberra on parliamentary business is entitled to park their vehicle at the connecting airport at government expense, where due economy is served by doing so.

Making a Claim

After the completion of travel, claims can either be faxed, posted or hand delivered to Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) using Form 22: Private Vehicle Allowance. Payments for PVA that exceed 5,000 km in a financial year will be subject to Pay As You Go (PAYG) tax.

Where a Senator or Member parks their privately owned vehicle at an airport as described above, their parking receipt must be attached to the claim Form 51: Minor Travel Expenses Reimbursement and faxed, posted or hand delivered to M&PS.