Australia Post Services

Australia Post Charge Account

Upon application by a Senator or Member following their election, Australia Post may make available an Australia Post Charge Account which has a standard credit limit of $10,000 at any one time. The Australia Post charge account is a private arrangement between a Senator or Member and Australia Post; therefore, Senators and Members seeking to increase the standard credit limit will need to contact their Australia Post Account Manager directly. The Australia Post Account Manager contact details can be located at the top of their monthly invoice.

Australia Post issues monthly invoices, which should be promptly submitted to Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) for payment from the office budget. Invoices will be paid to the extent that funds are available in the office budget.

Australia Post has agreed to email invoices to Senators and Members to assist with timely payment of invoices and the avoidance of late payment fees. Senators and Members are able to specify a particular email address for receipt of Australia Post invoices. Nomination of alternative email addresses should be sent to the EMB Help Desk.

Processing of Invoices

To avoid late fees, all pages of the Australia Post invoices should be submitted with Form 141: Printing and Communications Entitlement - Certification to M&PS, immediately upon receipt. When transmitting invoices, please note that some pages may be double-sided. Invoices and certification forms that are not received at least five business days before the due date or that are incomplete may not be processed by the due date. Any late fees will also be paid from the Senator or Member’s office budget.

If a Senator or Member receives an unpaid/underpaid mail notice from Australia Post, they will need to complete the charge account details slip, which can be found at the bottom of the unpaid/underpaid mail payment notice, and return it to Australia Post. Once Australia Post receives the completed charge account details slip, this amount will be added to the Senator or Member’s next monthly invoice. The notice is not an invoice and M&PS is not able to action on behalf of a Senator or Member.

Restrictions when using the Australia Post Charge Account

The office budget must not be used to purchase stamps or stamped envelopes.

The Australia Post charge account may be used to purchase office requisites and stationery. The Australia Post invoice should be submitted with a Form 155: Invoice Certification - Office Requisites and Stationery. Where an Australia Post invoice contains both office requisites and stationery and printing and communications items, two certification forms are to be submitted.

Postage Meters

Senators and Members are provided with a postage meter which is linked to each Senator or Member’s Australia Post charge account and enables them to pay for postage, including bulk postage. Credit is downloaded to the postage meter via the onboard modem. When the credit is exhausted or running low, offices can download credit, usually in $500 and $1,000 blocks.

If a Senator or Member has reached their monthly credit limit, no further funds can be accessed on the postage meter until the monthly invoice has been paid. In these circumstances mail can be lodged directly at an Australia Post Office or a Senator or Member can apply for an increase to their credit limit through their Australia Post Account Manager.

Meter faults or issues with PIN details are to be directed to the Pitney Bowes’ call centre.

Postage Meter consumables, such as ink and tape, are ordered directly from Pitney Bowes and are paid for by forwarding endorsed invoices to the M&PS State or Territory Office for payment from the Office Requisites and Stationery Entitlement.

Senators and Members are periodically requested to carry -out postage meter readings.

Post Office Boxes

Each Senator or Member can elect to have a Post Office (PO) Box through Australia Post. Senators and Members who have a second electorate office are also entitled to a PO Box at that location. Senators and Members should choose the smallest sized PO Box to meet their needs. In order to arrange for a new PO Box to be set up, Senators and Members should contact their relevant M&PS State or Territory Office.

Related account costs and renewal costs are sent by Australia Post directly to M&PS.