Pre-print Assessment

Senators and Members may submit material they are proposing to print or produce for pre-print assessment. Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) will assess the material against the parameters of the entitlement and provide a written response advising if the proposed material is within entitlement. Senators and Members are not obliged to obtain advice prior to printing material.

What should I provide to M&PS to have my material assessed prior to printing?

  • a printer’s proof, or a final, print-ready version, of the item proposed to be printed or produced
  • an English transcript of the audio for an audio poster
  • advice as to whether the item is intended to be printed in-house using office facilities, requisites and stationery, or if it is intended to be commercially produced under the printing and communications entitlement
  • if the item is not in English, an English translation
  • if the item relates to website development, design or upgrade, screen shots or the URL address to the website should be provided.

How long will it take to have material assessed by M&PS?

M&PS aims to assess and respond to queries regarding the printing and communications entitlement within two business days provided that:

  • all relevant information has been provided
  • it does not involve assessment of large volumes of material.

We recommend this timeframe be factored into the production and/or distribution of any material.

Where do I send material for pre-print assessment?

Items may be emailed to M&PS for pre-print assessment.