Provision of Private-Plated Vehicle (PPV) or Allowance

A Senator or Member may be provided with a private-plated, Commonwealth-leased vehicle (PPV) for parliamentary, electorate or official business, family travel and private purposes, but not for commercial purposes.

PPVs may be driven by anyone with the permission of the Senator or Member, provided they have the appropriate licence.

PPVs are provided subject to the conditions set out in:

It is expected that Senators and Members will take over the PPV of a previous incumbent, and retain the vehicle until the end of the lease.

Commonwealth Fleet Provider

PPVs are leased through a whole-of-government fleet provider and serviced, maintained, insured and fuelled at Australian Government expense.

sgfleet is the current contracted vehicle supplier.

Private Vehicle Allowance option

A Senator or Member may be paid additional electorate allowance in lieu of receiving a PPV.

Standard Vehicle

A Senator or Member may request any vehicle from the list of standard vehicles that is updated from time-to-time by the Special Minister of State. Subject to a price cap based on the ATO luxury car tax threshold, optional extras may also be requested by a Senator or Member at the time of ordering the vehicle, or up until the first scheduled vehicle service.

Approved Lists of Standard Private-Plated Vehicles

Non-Standard Vehicle

A Senator or Member may seek approval for the lease of a non-standard vehicle for the following reasons:

  • operational requirements;
  • work health and safety reasons; or
  • environmental considerations.

Further information about the provision of non-standard vehicles is provided in the guidelines

Maintenance and Servicing

It is the Senators or Member’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is regularly serviced in line with the manufacturer’s warranty (and as shown on the sticker on the vehicle windscreen). This should be organised directly with the local sgfleet associated service agent:

The sgfleet Driver Assistance card has details on who to call for servicing, tyres, windscreens, batteries and roadside assistance.

Returning a vehicle at end of the lease in a sound, serviceable condition assists in ensuring that the Commonwealth does not incur additional charges for excess wear and tear and achieves the best possible sale price when the vehicle is sold.


All damage to a PPV, however minor, must be reported promptly to sgfleet’s 24 hour hotline:1800 009 082.  Any theft or malicious damage involving the vehicle must be reported to the Police.

Full details of what to do in an accident are outlined in the Driver’s Card provided with every PPV (or see link above).

Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are issued by sgfleet and provided with the PPV for diesel, unleaded petrol and car washing services, but NOT for premium unleaded (unless specified by the manufacturer). The odometer reading must be entered every time the car is refuelled.

If the fuel card is unable to be used (such as because of a technical failure), an sgfleet reimbursement form can be downloaded from their website: and returned with the receipt and odometer reading.

Traffic, Parking and Toll Infringements

Senators and Members are personally responsible for payment of any fine specified on the infringement notice, other than where a statutory declaration has been returned to the issuing authority identifying another person as the driver of the vehicle at the time of the infringement. Where an administrative charge for processing an infringement notice is levied, M&PS will obtain reimbursement from the relevant Senator or Member.

Toll infringements and administrative fees can be avoided by supplying a personal e-tag to fit the PPV (these are not provided or reimbursable by M&PS).


For any queries relating to PPV orders and the running of a private-plated vehicle, please contact Marnie Isaac, sgfleet M&PS Manager on 03 6242 2102, email:

For any queries relating to your private-plated vehicle contact your State Manager.