Summaries and Handbooks

Please note: The information provided on this page is in effect up to and including 31 December 2017. For work expense information commencing 1 January 2018, please see the Guidance section of this website.

A suite of summaries and handbooks is produced by Ministerial and Parliamentary Services to provide information to Senators and Members on the resources provided to them as a Parliamentarian.

The information contained in these summaries and handbooks is provided for general information only. It remains the responsibility of Senators and Members to familiarise themselves with what is provided to them under legislation, determinations of the Remuneration Tribunal and as otherwise determined by government.

Where you are unsure of a provision, please contact your Advice and Support Director or the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority before taking any action or decision on the basis of any material contained in these publications alone.

Senators and Members

This summary and handbook is a guide to Senators and Members.

Ministers of State and Office Holders

These summaries and handbooks set out relevant additional provisions. In some cases, the provisions cannot be isolated from those provided to the parliamentarian in their role as a Senator or Member. Where this is the case, the combined provision is discussed.

These summaries and handbooks complement the Senators and Members’ summary and handbook and are for general information only.

Other Guidance (pre 1 January 2018)

The Department of Finance on behalf of the Government, in collaboration with the Remuneration Tribunal and the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA), is implementing the recommendations of the 2016 review into An Independent Parliamentary Entitlements System (the Review).

Legislative Framework

Parliamentarians' and Former Parliamentarians' Travel