WHS Training

WHS Site Officers Training

All WHS Site Officers will receive training from the contracted WHS and Occupational Services provider in:

  • workplace inspections
  • risk assessments
  • the use of templates and forms for completing hazard identifications.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (M&PS) will contact nominated WHS Site Officers and provide details on how to access online training.

First Aid Officers Training

All First Aid Officers must complete ongoing training to assist them to fulfil the requirements of the role, and meet eligibility requirements for corporate responsibility allowance.

This includes training to obtain and maintain accreditation to the level of ‘Provide First Aid’, and annual CPR refresher training.

The following training will be provided:

  • online and/or or practical first aid training to the level of ‘Provide First Aid’ (if they do not possess a current certificate)
  • CPR refresher course.

M&PS will contact First Aid Officers prior to their First Aid or CPR accreditation lapsing, to arrange training.

Emergency Officers and Deputy Emergency Officers Training

All Emergency Officers and Deputy Emergency Officers will receive training from contracted provider of emergency management services in the following:

  • onsite first attack fire skill training
  • equipment and bomb threat theory training
  • site-specific emergency procedures.

Deputy Emergency Officers will be trained to facilitate a smooth transition should the Emergency Officer cease their role.

M&PS will provide the details of nominated MOP(S) Act employees to the provider, who will contact employees directly to arrange training.