Flu Vaccination Program 2017

The annual flu vaccination program for all Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 (MOP(S) Act) employees is underway, following the release of the 2017 vaccine. Participation in the flu vaccination program is optional and the decision to be vaccinated rests with each employee.

There are two ways a MOP(S) Act employee can access a flu vaccination under this program:

  • through a clinic at Parliament House, Canberra, or
  • by reimbursement for the cost of the vaccine administered by a medical practicioner or health professional.

Parliament House, Canberra

Clinic dates for influenza vaccinations at Parliament House are still being finalised. The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) and Finance will advertise dates once confirmed.


M&PS will reimburse the cost of the flu vaccine, up to $26.50, which is the indicative retail price of the vaccine.

MOP(S) Act employees seeking reimbursement must:

It is important that MOP(S) Act employees note that reimbursement will be made for the cost of the vaccine only. M&PS will not reimburse for additional costs incurred for any medical consultation or administration related to the vaccination, or cover any travel expenses related to attendance for the vaccination.


For any queries relating to the flu vaccination program contact the Staff Help Desk.