WHS Committee

The purpose of the Work Health and Safety Committee is to facilitate consultation with MOP(S) Act employees on a broad range of work health and safety issues, including the development of work health and safety policies.

Members of the Work Health and Safety Committee

All employee representatives on the Work Health and Safety Committee are also Health and Safety Representatives.

The current Health and Safety Representatives and their contact details, where available, are listed in the table below:

Name Party and Office Email Telephone
Josh Manuatu Liberal Party of Australia josh.manuatu@aph.gov.au 02 6277 7120
Charles Headlam Liberal Party of Australia charles.headlam@aph.gov.au 03 6334 7033
Loretta Sist Liberal Party of Australia loretta.sist@aph.gov.au 08 8354 1644
Helen Lewis Liberal Party of Australia helen.lewis@aph.gov.au 07 5500 5919
Rosemary Little Liberal Party of Australia rosemary.little@aph.gov.au 07 3205 9977
Joe Stroud Australian Labor Party joe.stroud@aph.gov.au 03 9326 1300
Kate Sutherland Australian Labor Party kate.sutherland@aph.gov.au 03 5443 9055
Jacob White Australian Labor Party jacob.white@aph.gov.au 02 6277 4168
Simon Kelly The Nationals simon.j.kelly@aph.gov.au 07 4121 2963
Joe Wheeler Australian Greens joseph.wheeler@aph.gov.au 03 9654 0430
Stella Weston-Smith Independent parliamentarians stella.westonsmith@aph.gov.au 03 6234 5255

The following table lists the names and contact details, where available, of Deputy Health and Safety Representatives (DHSRs). A DHSR may only exercise voting rights at Committee meetings if an HSR from the same political party or independent grouping is unable to attend the meeting.

Name Party Email Telephone
Nathan Winn Liberal Party of Australia nathan.winn@aph.gov.au 02 6277 4088
Luke Barnes Liberal Party of Australia luke.barnes@aph.gov.au 02 9327 3988
Kelli Orrell Liberal Party of Australia  kelli.orrell@aph.gov.au 02 6277 3404
Katherine Gurbiel Australian Labor Party katherine.gurbiel@aph.gov.au 08 9527 9377
Tom Moorhead Australian Labor Party thomas.moorhead@aph.gov.au 03 9639 2798
Cathy Heidrich The Nationals cathy.Heidrich@aph.gov.au 02 6277 7495
Vacant Australian Greens    
Kim York Independent parliamentarians kim.york@aph.gov.au 08 8232 1144

The Work Health and Safety Committee union representatives and their contact details, where available, are listed in the table below:

Name Party Email Telephone
Poni Ravula United Services Union pravula@usu.org.au 0459 060 804
Eleanor Kennedy Community and Public Sector Union Eleanor.Kennedy@cpsu.org.au 03 8620 6357
Vacant Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance    
Vacant Australian Services Union    

Contacting the WHS Committee

The Work Health and Safety Committee can be contacted by emailing MOPSWHS@finance.gov.au.

Scheduled Meetings

The next Work Health and Safety Committee meeting will be scheduled following the federal election.

Minutes of Meetings

The minutes of WHS Committee Meetings will be published as soon as possible after each meeting.