Autism Awareness Training - Session 3

Ever wondered what the world looks like for someone with ADHD? Want to create a more inclusive environment for your dyslexic work colleague? What about managing a constituent who won’t look at you, follow your social cues or wants to debate about a very niche area of expertise? 

Neurodiversity encompasses the diverse world of neurological differences including but not limited to autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia. It can be a challenge to be neurodiverse, living in a neurotypical world. Many neurodiverse individuals have learnt to mask their differences, but this can get exhausting and it can also be frustrating for the people they work with.  

By understanding the range of neurodiversity and what to look out for, it can be easy to adjust habits to provide a more supportive and relaxed environment for our neurodivergent colleagues and constituents. 

This three-part series encourages participants to become more aware of the spectrum of neurodiversity, how people should approach and interact with neurodivergent individuals, and helps to identify better approaches to improve the success of a neurodivergent individual within the workplace. 

Session 3: Supporting your neurodiverse team member 

How can you help your neurodiverse staff member? This session focuses on strategies and tips for managers and staff to better handle situations and nuances in an appropriate manner. Build confidence in how to be an effective manager for neurodiverse staff, manage team relationships and dynamics, tools to minimise disruptions and sustain pace, and harness the strengths of a neurodiverse individual.  

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