Management of Duplicate Airline Bookings

Duplicate flight bookings are subject to strict automated and manual checking by each Airline Carrier and may result in cancellations without warning regardless of whether or not a ticket has been issued.

In January this year, Qantas enhanced its automated checking tool to detect duplicate flight bookings for the same traveller. This system now uses a wider set of criteria to check bookings to identify and cancel duplicate flights for the same name and same routing and same day or next day travel. This also includes duplicate bookings on alternate carriers for both Domestic and International bookings.

If the Travel Provider, FCm Travel Solutions, is warned of a possible cancellation due to a duplicate booking, it will endeavour to notify the traveller concerned and if required rebook a flight. However, timing of the notification may limit the ability to recoup the seat lost in the cancellation.

Please be aware of this practice when planning travel and making multiple bookings on the same or subsequent days.

Should you require any further information regarding booking arrangements please contact the EMB Help Desk at (for Senators, Members and former Parliamentarians) or the Staff Help Desk at


Greg Miles
Assistant Secretary
Entitlements Management Branch
Ministerial and Parliamentary Services
05 April 2013