Reconstitution of the Employee Consultative Group

The Employee Consultative Group (ECG) for Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1984 (MOP(S) Act) employees is being reconstituted following the Federal election and the commencement of the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019.

The ECG will consist of MOP(S)Act employees, union representatives, and representatives from my office and/or the Department of Finance.

Employee representatives will be drawn from all political parties on a proportional basis to employee numbers.

The ECG will be consulted on workplace issues including but not limited to:

  • proposed changes to, or establishment of, guidelines or policies in relation to the Enterprise Agreement, where the proposed change affects employees;
  • the operation and application of the Enterprise Agreement;
  • other relevant workplace matters.

The ECG will comprise of a total of 11 employee representatives consisting of:

  • five representatives for employees of Liberal Party of Australia Senators and Members;
  • three representatives for employees of Australian Labor Party Senators and Members;
  • one representative for employees of The Nationals Senators and Members;
  • one representative for employees of the Australian Greens Senators and Members; and
  • one representative for employees of Independent Senators and Members.

Eligibility of representatives

To be eligible to be an employee representative on the ECG, an employee must be:

  • ongoing; or
  • non-ongoing and working more than one day per week, have been employed for the preceding three months and will be employed for a further three months.

Each political party has been asked to make its own arrangements for the election of their employee representatives.  Employees, other than employees of Independent Senators and Members, should expect to hear from their respective parties on this process shortly.

Employees of Independent Senators and Members

Finance will provide assistance during the nomination and selection process for the representative of the employees of Independent Senators and Members.  Eligible employees from this group are invited to email to request an ECG nomination form.  Nominations are to be submitted to Finance by 2 June 2017.  Finance will then contact relevant employees regarding a ballot, if required.

Travel costs

Travel costs associated with ECG meetings for representatives whose travel is subject to the Electorate Support Budget, will not be debited from their employing Senator or Member’s Electorate Support Budget, providing the representative is not also travelling to Canberra for other purposes.

As there is no budget restriction on the travel of employees who are not subject to the Electorate Support Budget, there is no need for similar arrangements for these ECG members.

More information

I encourage all Senators and Members to support their employees who are considering being involved in the ECG.

If employees have any queries about the selection of representatives for the ECG, please contact the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services Help Desk on (02) 6215 3333.

Yours sincerely


This circular was issued on 31 May 2017.

Scott Ryan
Special Minister of State