Determination 2017/13: Members of Parliament - Entitlements - New Private Plated Vehicle Arrangement

The Remuneration Tribunal has made Determination 2017/13: Members of Parliament – Entitlements (the Determination).  This provides that, from 1July 2017, parliamentarians shall be provided upon request with a private plated standard vehicle, as advised by me, up to the value of the luxury car tax threshold for non-fuel efficient vehicles as determined by the Australian Tax Office from time to time.

I have approved a list of standard PPVs to replace the previous standard vehicle lists for Senators and Members and Office Holders, with effect from 1 July 2017. 

In addition, I have issued Guidelines on Provision of Private‑Plated Vehicles for Senators and Members 2017, which replace the previous Guidelines and reflect the changes made by the Remuneration Tribunal. 

A copy of the new list and Guidelines is attached, and will be published on the Ministerial and Services’ (M&PS) website.  Senators and Members should consider value for money and operational needs when selecting a new vehicle at the end of their current lease.

Please note I will be providing advice on other updates as part of the Determination separately.

Should you wish to discuss your PPV requirements, please contact your M&PS’ State or Territory Manager on the number below*. 

Yours sincerely



Scott Ryan
Special Minister of State

30 June 2017

*M&PS State and Territory Managers (Note NSW PPV fleet managed in the Qld State Office)


Mr Stephen Frost

02 6277 6087


Mr Ben Hooper

08 8205 1000


Ms Sharon Brigden

02 8289 9900


Ms Becky Shrimpton

03 6231 0734


Ms Victoria Palmer

08 8941 4133


Ms Toni Rikys

03 9660 6600


Mrs Katie Tchia

07 3001 8900


Ms Rebecca Kuenen

08 9260 5000