Parliamentary Expenses Management System (PEMS)

I am writing to invite you to be a part of a project that will benefit all Parliamentarians and MOP(S) Act employees.

Delivering a recommendation from the 2016 Independent Parliamentary Entitlements System Review, the PEMS project will deliver a simple digital portal accessible from a computer or mobile device. Through co-design between the Department of Finance and the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority, PEMS will allow you to lodge and monitor travel and non-travel expense claims, report on expenditure and budgets and manage leave, payroll and other staff HR records. PEMS will reduce administrative burden on you and your office.

A reference group to assist with the development of PEMS will commence from April 2018, with a focus on ensuring the system is user friendly. The Department of Finance is seeking participation from Parliamentarians and MOP(S) Act employees who have an interest in or are involved in managing parliamentary work expenses. Your time commitment would be no more than approximately two hours per fortnight.

I encourage you to support this important project. If you wish to participate, please advise by Friday 20 April 2018.


Mathias Cormann
Minister for Finance

6 April 2018