Amendments to the Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017 - office expenses and international travel

Key points

  • Effective from 24 November 2018, the parliamentary business resources framework covers:

    • new types of office expenses, including wreaths and cloud-based services (including storage and software), and
    • international travel expenses for one employee who accompanies a member on international travel where the member is representing a Minister, the government or Australia.
  • These public resources are subject to the obligations under the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017.

On 24 November 2018, the Parliamentary Business Resources Amendment (2018 Measures No. 2) Regulations 2018 (the amending regulations) amended the Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017 (PBR Regulations). The amending regulations introduce new types of office expenses that may be claimed by parliamentarians to assist them in conducting their parliamentary business, as well as changes to international travel arrangements in certain circumstances.

Specifically, the amending regulations:

  • establish new provisions that prescribe wreaths and cloud based services, (including storage and software) as office expenses
  • establish a new provision that prescribes, with the approval of the Minister, other resources and expenses reasonably required for the conduct of the member’s parliamentary business as office expenses
  • establish a power for the Prime Minister to approve one employee to accompany a member on international travel where the member is representing a Minister, the government or Australia, and
  • prescribe that the international travel equipment allowance is payable no more than once in any 36 month period (an amendment to the previous period of no more than once in 3 consecutive financial years).

In accessing work expenses, parliamentarians are reminded of their obligations under the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017, including the dominant purpose and value for money tests.

Should you require further information regarding non travel-related work expenses, please contact your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ Advice and Support Director.

The Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority should be contacted regarding travel-related work expenses on (02) 6215 3000 or

Lauren Barons
Assistant Secretary
Advice and Support Branch
Ministerial and Parliamentary Services

27 November 2018

Circular 2018/10