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Bushfire and smoke haze advice

With the recent bushfires impacting several parts of the country, smoke haze has become a concern for many communities. You are encouraged to take active measures to ensure your safety at this time.

You should

  • seek urgent medical attention if experiencing wheezing, chest tightness, or difficulty breathing
  • avoid or minimise being outdoors and if required wear appropriate protective clothing such as masks
  • develop a treatment plan with your medical professional if you are high risk or have existing respiratory or cardiac disease
  • for indoor work, keep doors and windows shut and minimise access points
  • run air-conditioning units with limited external air intake
  • during high temperatures, limit direct sunlight using window coverings, remain well hydrated and wear light clothing

If you experience any symptoms or discomfort due to the air quality, you are encouraged to seek medical advice and discuss this with your manager. It may be appropriate to work from an alternate location or if required, take leave provided for under your enterprise agreement.

The contracted property services provider Ventia can be contacted for any air quality issues on 1300 652 114.

In addition, under the Enterprise Agreement most employees are entitled to paid leave while undertaking eligible community service activities, including emergency services responses.

As previously advised, if you have been impacted by the bushfires, the Employee Assistance Program has professional psychologists you and your family can talk to. This is a free and confidential service. For appointments contact Assure Services on 1800 945 145, book online at EAP Appointment Request or email

Additional Information

Further information on poor air quality in work environments can be found on the Comcare website and the Commonwealth Department of Health has provided a health alert on bushfires and smoke. You are reminded to follow the advice provided by your relevant state or territory authority:

Last updated: 25 January 2021