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Changes to Private Plated Vehicle Administration

Key Points

Key Points

From 13 November 2017, the Commonwealth’s fleet management provider, sgfleet, should be contacted directly for most matters relating to Private Plated Vehicles.

From 13 November 2017, the Commonwealth’s fleet management provider, sgfleet, will assume the majority of administration tasks in relation to the provision of private plated vehicles (PPVs) for Senators, Members and their senior staff.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ (MaPS) state offices will continue to be responsible for:

  • advice on use of PPVs within the work expenses framework;
  • providing advice on the approval process for non-standard PPVs;
  • invoicing for certain administration fees incurred; and
  • remaining a contact point for escalation of issues.

sgfleet will be responsible for administering all other PPV functions during the life of each vehicle lease, including:

  • PPV renewal emails and telephone follow up;
  • processing of quotes and orders;
  • paying reimbursements for out-of-pocket costs (such as when a fuel card is lost or not working); and
  • contacting parliamentarians and their staff regarding due and overdue servicing. 

The sgfleet fleet manager for MaPS is Ms Marnie Isaac. Ms Isaac has worked closely with MaPS for a number of years and is supported by an experienced team. 

Should you require any further information, please contact sgfleet or your MaPS State Manager on the numbers below*.



Lauren Barons
A/g Assistant Secretary
Advice and Support Branch
Ministerial and Parliamentary Services
6 November 2017


* sgfleet Manager    
Ms Marnie Isaac 03 6242 2102
* State and Territory Managers State/Territory Contact Number
Mr Stephen Frost ACT 02 6277 6087
Ms Sharon Brigden NSW 02 8289 9900
Ms Victoria Palmer NT 08 8941 4133
Mrs Katie Tchia QLD 07 3001 8900
Mr Ben Hooper SA 08 8205 1000
Ms Becky Shrimpton TAS 03 6231 0734
Ms Toni Rikys VIC 03 9660 6600
Ms Rebecca Kuenen WA 08 9260 5000

Last updated: 29 January 2020