Commencement of new MOP(S) Act Enterprise Agreement - 5 August 2021

Key points

  • The Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020‑23 commences on 5 August 2021.
  • Salary and allowance increases are expected to be paid on 19 August 2021.

The Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020-23 was approved by the Fair Work Commission this morning and will commence operation on 5 August 2021. This includes an undertaking provided by the Government relating to the salary points for ongoing and non-ongoing Electorate Officers within the EOA classification.

The enterprise agreement is available on the MaPS website. Employees will receive the increases in their pay on 19 August 2021, with effect from 5 August 2021.

Guidelines to the enterprise agreement continue to operate and will be reviewed in consultation with the Employee Consultative Group.

The electorate support budget will be adjusted automatically with effect from 5 August 2021 on a pro rata basis for the increase in salary.

All current electorate staff allowance arrangements will continue to operate, pending further advice regarding the transitional arrangements to support and implement changes to ESA.

Should you require any further information in the meantime regarding the enterprise agreement, please see the MaPS website or contact the MaPS Help Desk on (02) 6215 3333.

Yours sincerely

Simon Birmingham
Minister for Finance
29 July 2021

Circular 2021/08