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Ministerial Circular 2012/44: Private-Plated Vehicle (PPV) Guidelines 2012 and Procedural Rule on Car Transport

Key Points

Key Points

  • Revised Private-Plated Vehicle Guidelines have been issued.
  • A revised Procedural Rule on car transport has been issued.
  • The personal cost contribution towards Canberra‑based Private‑Plated Vehicles has been removed effective 15 March 2012.
  • A Senator or Member’s Private‑Plated Vehicle fuel cards may be cancelled where odometer readings are repeatedly not provided
  • Senators and Members are now required to sign an agreement on the use of their Private-Plated Vehicle when the request for lease is submitted.

Historical Circular

The content on this page and other historical pages is provided to assist research and may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application.  


I have issued updated Guidelines on Provision of Private‑Plated Vehicles for Senators and Members 2012 (2012 PPV Guidelines) and Procedural Rule No 1 of 2012 – Car Transport, pursuant to Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2012/04: Members of Parliament - Entitlements (the Determination).

The 2012 PPV Guidelines replace both the Guidelines on Provision of Private-Plated Vehicles for Senators and Members 2009/2 (2009 Standard PPV Guidelines) and the Guidelines on Provision of Non-Standard Vehicles for Senators and Members 2009 (2009 Non-Standard PPV Guidelines).

Copies of the 2012 PPV Guidelines and Procedural Rule No 1 of 2012 are attached to this circular, and are also available from the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services intranet at

2012 PPV Guidelines

The 2012 PPV Guidelines replace the 2009 Standard PPV Guidelines and the 2009 Non-Standard PPV Guidelines, and introduce the following key changes:

  1. a hands-free car kit cannot be provided where a Senator or Member’s Private Plated Vehicle (PPV) has a factory fitted hands-free device (paragraph 5.5);
  2. a Senator or Member may only purchase their PPV after the lease has expired.  Where a Senator or Member is leaving the Parliament, the purchase may take place within 3 months of the lease expiring (paragraph 7.2);
  3. where, due to extraordinary circumstances, a Senator or Member’s PPV is unavailable they may be provided with a short-term hire car (paragraph 12.1);
  4. effective 15 March 2012, Senators and Members are no longer required to pay a personal cost contribution towards their electorate and, if provided, Canberra‑based PPV.  The requirement to meet a personal cost contribution towards an electorate-based PPV also ceased on 15 March 2012 with the introduction of Determination 2012/04;
  5. repeated failure to provide odometer readings may result in a Senator or Member’s PPV fuel cards being cancelled (paragraph 11.3);
  6. Senators and Members are no longer required to nominate drivers for their PPVs; and
  7. Nissan has been removed from the list of approved local car manufacturers for non-standard PPVs.

Procedural Rule No 1 of 2012 – Car Transport

Procedural Rule No 1 of 2012 replaces Procedural Rule 1998/01 – Use of Car with Driver Services in Canberra, Procedural Rules No. 1 of 1999 and Prescribed Modes of Car Transport 1999, and Procedural Rule No 5 of 2005 – Car Transport in Canberra.

  1. a Senator or Member with a Canberra based PPV may travel by COMCAR between Canberra Airport and Parliament House or their accommodation, and to attend Vice Regal, Parliamentary, diplomatic or official functions or where there are specific security or safety reasons;
  2. the use of a Canberra‑based PPV by an authorised employee is restricted.  An authorised employee may not use a Canberra‑based PPV for regular travel between home and work.  An exception is made where an employee is travelling between home and work and carrying luggage for the purpose of travel on official business; and
  3. where a Senator or Member voluntarily returns a Canberra based PPV prior to the end of the lease, he or she is responsible for any costs incurred by the Commonwealth.

Senators and Members are now required to sign an agreement on the use of their PPV as part of the request for lease quote form.  This agreement sets out a Senator or Member’s responsibilities in relation to their PPV. The request for lease quote form is available from your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services State Manager.

Should you require any further information regarding PPVs or car transport, please contact your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ Entitlements Manager or State Manager on the number below*.


Signed by the Minister on 3 December 2012
Gary Gray
Special Minister of State



Guidelines on Provision of Private-Plated Vehicles for Senators and Members 2012 - 6.70 MB


Procedural Rule No 1 of 2012 - Car Transport - 5.48 MB


*MaPS’ Entitlements Managers Contact Number
Deb Lewis (QLD/SA) 02 6215 3827
Lauren Barons (NSW/WA/ACT) 02 6215 3426
Andrew House (VIC/TAS/NT) 02 6215 3640



*State and Territory Managers   *State and Territory Managers  
ACT Mr Stephen Frost 02 6277 6087 SA Mr Ben Hooper 08 8205 1001
NSW Ms Sharon Brigden 02 9247 8282 TAS Mrs Katie Tchia 03 6231 1719
NT Ms Ainslie Ward 08 8941 4133 VIC Ms Toni Rikys 03 9650 2299
QLD Mr Jiri Martinek 07 3001 8901 WA Ms Rosemary O'Hare 08 9260 5001

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