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Provision of Portable Induction Hearing Loop Devices

Key Points

Portable induction hearing loop devices are available, on request.

I am pleased to advise that portable induction hearing loop devices (hearing loops) are available to Senators and Members as part of the equipment allocated for Commonwealth-funded electorate offices, office holder offices, and to former Prime Ministers. Hearing loops will be available on request.

Hearing loops are assistive technology designed to improve sound quality for those with hearing impairments both in one to one, and small group conversations. Portable hearing loops are small table-top devices that can readily be moved around the office. Hearing loops consist of two main parts; a microphone to capture voices, and transmitter that connects wirelessly to hearing aids to transmit clear and uninterrupted sound to a person with a hearing impairment.

Hearing loops will make electorate offices more accessible to constituents with hearing impairments. Those offices with hearing loops available will be able to display the International Deafness Symbol in their office to advertise the availability of the facility.

Your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services State Office will be able to provide your electorate office with a hearing loop, on request.  Should you require any further information regarding hearing loops, please contact your Ministerial and Parliamentary Services’ State Manager on the number below*.


Signed by the Minister on 31 July 2012
Gary Gray
Special Minister of State

*MaPS’ State Managers

NSW Ms Sharon Brigden 02 9247 8282 VIC Ms Toni Rikys 03 9650 2299
QLD Mr Jiri Martinek 07 3001 8901 WA Ms Rosemary O’Hare 08 9260 5001
SA Mr Ben Hooper 08 8205 1000 TAS Mrs Katie Tchia 03 6231 1719
NT Ms Ainslie Ward 08 8941 4133 ACT Mr Stephen Frost 02 6277 6087

Last updated: 29 January 2020