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Part-Time Work


  1. Part-time employees work a specified number of hours per week that are less than the ordinary weekly full-time hours specified in clause 31.1 of the Enterprise Agreement (38 hours per week), as agreed in writing by the employing Member and the employee.

Number of part-time positions

  1. More than one person may be employed as a part-time employee in any or all of a Member’s established positions, provided that the total ordinary hours of all the employees against a single position does not exceed 38 hours per week.

Hours of work

  1. A part-time employee receives payment for salary and allowances and access to leave, including electorate staff allowance (ESA) and parliamentary staff allowance (PSA), on a pro rata basis.
  2. Part-time employees may be paid for additional ordinary hours, up to the limit of full-time hours, against the employing Member’s Electorate Support Budget. Additional hours against the Electorate Support Budget must be at the same salary and classification as the employment against the established position.

Changing Ordinary weekly hours

  1. Provided the change can be accommodated against an established position and/or the Electorate Support Budget, an employee and employing Member may at any time agree that the employee is to:
    1. change from full-time to part-time;
    2. change from part-time to full-time; or
    3. vary the part-time hours worked.
  2. A Variation to an Existing Employment Agreement form must be promptly submitted to the Department to ensure changes to the payment of salary and allowances can be made without delay.
    Form 102 - Variation to an Existing Employment Agreement

Last updated: 09 October 2019