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Exit Interviews

Departing MOP(S) Act employees are able to participate in exit interviews, to share their thoughts and experiences of MOP(S) Act employment.

Exit interviews offer departing MOP(S) Act employees an opportunity to discuss their:

  • job satisfaction;
  • motivation;
  • induction, training and professional development opportunities;
  • leadership and management;
  • office infrastructure;
  • reward and recognition;
  • experiences accessing support services; and
  • reasons for leaving MOP(S) Act employment.

How to Access

If you wish to complete an exit interview, please contact the Staff Help Desk to request access to the interview.

Your Privacy

Whilst the exit interview process is voluntary, all departing MOP(S) Act employees are encouraged to participate and provide feedback via this process. Your participation may assist to improve the delivery of services by Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS) and the employment experiences of current and future MOP(S) Act employees.

Participating MOP(S) Act employees may elect to have their feedback provided to their employing Senator or Member if they so wish. Please note that this is optional, and answers will not be provided to employing Senators or Members unless permission to do so is provided expressly by the individual employee.

In all cases, information provided through the exit interview is collected, stored and treated in the strictest confidence. Unless an employee elects to have their feedback provided to their employing Senator or Member, only MaPS will have access to individual interview results.

Further information

MOP(S) Act employees should contact the Staff Help Desk if they have any queries about the exit interview program.

Senators and Members are invited to contact their relevant Advice and Support Director if they have any queries about the arrangements for the exit interview program.

Last updated: 29 January 2020