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Recruitment for Ongoing Vacant Positions

Online Recruitment Advertisements

Senators and Members can use an online recruitment advertisement site to advertise ongoing vacant positions.

Up to three online advertisements for each vacant Electorate Officer position and up to four online advertisements for each vacant personal employee position are available.

Online recruitment advertisement sites are cost-effective, offer national exposure and have a generous word limit. The advertisements generally run continuously for 28 days (or less time if applications close before the end of this period).

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services (MaPS) will arrange the placement of online advertisements, within five working days of receipt of the request, and make payment on behalf of Senators and Members.

Alternatively, Senators and Members can arrange the placement of the online advertisement and seek reimbursement from MaPS.

Samples are available to help in developing content for online advertisements.

Print Media Advertisements

A Senator or Member who wishes to advertise using print media can:

  • use the printing and communications work expense from their office budget to meet the cost of the advertisement. In such cases, the advertisement must meet the requirements specified in the Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017. Senators and Members may seek a pre-print assessment of their advertisement, or
  • pay for the advertisement personally.

The online advertisement samples may also be helpful in developing your print media advertisement.

Private Employment Agencies

Senators and Members who wish to use the services of an employment agency to fill a vacant position must meet the cost of these services personally.

Last updated: 29 January 2020