Part Six Other Matters - 6.1 Security

6.1 Security

6.1.1 Personal Security

The Attorney-General’s Department is responsible for monitoring (and if required coordinating) protective security arrangements for Opposition Office Holders while travelling overseas. The Attorney-General’s Department fulfils its role through close liaison with relevant law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The high profile of Opposition Office Holders means that, from time to time, he or she might attract attention while travelling overseas. In coordinating security measures for Opposition Office Holders, the Attorney-General’s Department relies heavily on timely receipt of the Opposition Office Holder’s overseas travel program and engagements in advance from the office diary contact. This information is then distributed to the relevant policing jurisdiction and security agency on a strict in-confidence basis.

Where considered prudent, the Attorney-General’s Department seeks an Australian Security Intelligence Organisation threat assessment for certain, specific engagements. Security agencies are then able to implement protective security arrangements appropriate to the assessed level of threat.

6.1.2 Residential Security

The Attorney-General’s Department will provide an appropriate level of residential physical security, commensurate with the assessed level of threat, for Opposition Office Holders. These measures will be provided at Australian Government expense. The security provided is designed primarily to protect an Opposition Office Holder and his or her immediate family against the risk of politically motivated violence.

 The protection of property from criminal activity primarily remains the responsibility of the individual Opposition Office Holder.

6.1.3 Office Security

In order to protect the wide range of information held in an Opposition Office Holder’s office, it is important that office procedures do not allow the unauthorised disclosure of information.

Due care should be taken with the handling of papers and to ensure that the office is secure at all times.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services provides basic security in electorate offices as well as capital city offices and combined Opposition Office Holder/electorate offices. Perimeter security (for example deadlocks, window locks and security mesh) and duress alarms are provided. Intruder alarm systems may be provided if requested or considered appropriate.

Opposition Office Holders and their employees should ensure the office is left in a secure state when unoccupied. Windows should be closed and secured, lights (other than security lights), fans, air conditioners and other electrical equipment switched off and doors locked.

Each laptop computer is provided with a Kensington cable. For security purposes, please ensure that laptops are securely attached to an immovable object in the office whenever it is unattended.