Part Three Accommodation Office Facilities - 3.5 Additional Equipment and Facilities for Personal Employees

3.5 Additional Equipment and Facilities for Personal Employees

An Opposition Office Holder who has been allocated personal employees is entitled to additional equipment and facilities (as approved by the Special Minister of State) in their electorate office for those personal employees who are based in the electorate.1

Consistent with other Commonwealth-funded  electorate office accommodation, the additional equipment and facilities for personal employees are available for purposes related to Parliamentary, electorate or official business, but not commercial business.

3.5.1 Mobile Telephones

The Presiding Officers are responsible for making decisions about mobile telephones and smartphones provided to Senators and Members under entitlement for use by personal employees.2

The cost of mobile telephone services for use by personal employees, as approved by the Presiding Officers, is prescribed as an additional benefit for the Leader of the Opposition.3 A smartphone may be provided instead of a mobile telephone.

The Leader of the Opposition determines which personal employees (of Opposition Office Holders and Shadow Ministers) are to be allocated a device and advises the Department of Parliamentary Services. Eligible personal employees may be provided with the choice of one of the following, as determined by the Leader of the Opposition:

  • a smartphone
  • a mobile telephone
  • a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card for use in a personally-owned device.

The mobile telephones, smartphones and voice/data plans available for use by personal employees of an Opposition Office Holder are the same as those available under entitlement to Senators and Members.

All new and replacement mobile telephones and smartphones provided to Senators and Members are based on a list of mobile telephones and smartphones approved by the Presiding Officers.

The Department of Parliamentary Services is responsible for the administration of mobile telephone devices for Opposition Office Holders and their personal employees. Opposition Office Holders should contact the DPS’ 2020 Service Desk if they have any queries about the entitlement or requests for devices


1  Sub-item 7(1) of Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the Parliamentary Entitlements Act 1990.

2  See Instruments of Authorisation for the provision of office information technology to Members of the House of Representatives and to Senators.

3  Sub regulation 3G(a) of the Parliamentary Entitlements Regulations 1997.