Part Two - 2.1 Salary

2.1 Salary

Salary (both base salary1 and additional salary) is paid to Opposition Office Holders by the House Departments.

Additional salary for Opposition Office Holders is calculated in accordance with the rates in the table below, determined by the Remuneration Tribunal effective on and from 8 December 2016.2

Additional Salary for Opposition Office Holders

Office Additional salary as a percentage of the base salary paid to all Senators and Members
Leader of the Opposition 85%
Deputy Leader of the Opposition 57.5%
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate 57.5%
Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate 20%


1  Further information on the base salary of Senators and Members and the Electorate Allowance is available in Senators and Members’ handbook.

2  Clauses 1.2 and 3.1 and Table 1 of Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2016/16: Members of Parliament - Base Salary, Additional Salary for Parliamentary Office Holders, and Related Matters.