1.1 Overview

1.1 Overview

Senators and Members are provided with a range of entitlements under various pieces of legislation, including salaries, accommodation and office facilities, travel and staff. These entitlements are provided to Senators and Members to facilitate the conduct of their duties and responsibilities as elected representatives of the Australian public.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services, a division in the Department of Finance (referred to throughout this handbook as Ministerial and Parliamentary Services) has prepared this handbook. Ministerial and Parliamentary Services oversees the provision of a number of Senators and Members’ entitlements and administers the accountability mechanisms. 

This handbook is intended as a guide to the entitlements of Senators and Members.

The entitlements relating to salary, accommodation and office facilities, travel and staff are set out in the following five parts. Various procedural matters – including record keeping, authorisation of powers, badges of office, awards and national symbols, and the Constituents’ Request Program – are set out in the sixth part.

Ministerial and Parliamentary Services can provide further information and advice to Senators and Members about their entitlements and how to access them. It can also provide Senators and Members, and their staff, with assistance on entitlement issues.