Part Six Other Matters - 6.5 Badge of Office-Electorate Medallion

6.5 Badge of Office/Electorate Medallion

The Chamber Departments issue gilt bronze medallions and lapel pins to Senators and Members at the commencement of their term of service.

A Senator’s badge is engraved with the word ‘Senate’ and a Member’s badge is engraved with the name of his or her electoral division.

Lapel pins assist with identification of Senators and Members in Parliament House.

Senators and Members may keep the medallion and lapel pin after they leave the Parliament.

The above information was prepared in conjunction with the Chamber Departments, which are responsible for the Badge of Office/Electorate Medallion. Senators and Members should direct any queries regarding the Badge of Office or Electorate Medallion to the relevant Chamber Department. Contact details are available to Senators, Members and their employees from the Ministerial and Parliamentary Services Help Desks or on the Senators and Members Portal on the Extended Parliamentary Network.