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Introduction to GovTEAMS

Note: The Department of Parliamentary Services is currently rolling out Microsoft Windows 10 to all parliamentarian offices. Included in the roll out is Microsoft Teams.

GovTEAMS is a version of Microsoft Teams. If you have signed up to Microsoft Teams using your email address, you do not need to create a GovTEAMS account.

The functionalities of Microsoft Teams and GovTEAMS are the same. Training from component two still applies.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to be more proficient in using GovTEAMS for work, communication, and collaboration with their team.

About this course

GovTEAMS allows you to meet online with video or audio, connect through chat and collaborate on documents together.

This course teaches you how to set up your account, create a team/community for your colleagues to join and the basics of GovTEAMS.

How the course is delivered

This online course is broken down into four component utilising videos with some reading. You can complete the course in your own time and use it as a reference tool.

Course component oneregister for GovTEAMS

When registering, select ‘Department of Parliamentary Services’ as your Department.

Course component twoset up meetings in GovTEAMS

Course component threeMicrosoft Teams video training

Course component fourmeetings and calls using GovTEAMS

Anyone requiring assistance with GovTEAMS should contact Finance at

Learning Outcomes

  • Set up your GovTEAMS account
  • Create a team/community for your colleagues to join so you can work together
  • Become more experienced and familiar using GovTEAMS
  • Effectively communicate with your team using the many communication channels available in GovTEAMS
  • Manage and prioritise your workloads on a digital platform
  • For Office Managers, manage the team’s workloads, assign tasks, track progress, schedule and host meetings
  • Work together by sharing and collaborating on documents


This course is available to all MOP(S) Act employees and is provided as part of the Professional Development Program.



Courses offered as part of the Professional Development Program (PDP), under the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019, are provided free of charge.

Last updated: 04 September 2020