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Mental Health is Everyone’s Business

Who is the course for?

Any staff and parliamentarians who would like to gain a better understanding of mental health and how it affects us all, whether personally experiencing it or someone you know. 

About this course

This course builds awareness and understanding of mental health illnesses, and provides tools for seeking help in the workplace.  Delivered by an experienced clinician with practical experience and qualifications in mental health.

What you will learn

During the webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the prevalence of mental illness
  • Understand causes, signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions including depression, stress and anxiety
  • Understand types of help available inside and outside the workplace
  • Understand five core concepts of wellbeing and how these translate into daily life

How the course is delivered

A one-hour, live webinar delivered by The Black Dog Institute. 

Eligibility to attend

MOP(S) Act employees




Courses offered as part of the Professional Development Program (PDP), under the Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019, are provided free of charge.  

Last updated: 21 January 2020