Certification and Request for Payment - Satellite Electorate Office, Courier or Freight Transfer Costs and Other

Mode of Submission: 
  • Online via the Parliamentary Expenses Management System (PEMS); or
  • If PEMS is not able to be used, complete the form, scan and email to the relevant State or Territory Office. Refer to Form for contact details.
Supporting Documentation: 
  • Tax Invoice MUST be attached to the claim.
  • Where reimbursement is required, proof of payment must also be attached.
Submission Requirements: 
  • Use this form to certify invoices or claim reimbursement or payment for goods/services such as residential phone and internet.
  • Do not use this form to claim costs related to PPVs. For reimbursement of fuel or other PPV costs, contact sgfleet Fleet Manager at MPSVIP@sgfleet.com or (03) 6242 2102.