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Parliamentary duties

The parliamentary duties of a member are the activities of the member that relate directly to the member’s role as a member of the Parliament and are determined by the Minister (s6(1)(a), PBR Act). The activities the Minister has determined to be parliamentary duties are:

Member (or class) Parliamentary duties
All members who are a senator or member of the House of Representatives In the member’s capacity as a member of the Parliament:

a)  Preparing for, participating in and attending to business arising from proceedings of the Parliament, whether by committee of the whole or otherwise;

b)  Developing, reviewing or amending legislation or proposed legislation, and activities engaged in for that purpose;

c)  Undertaking research, communication (including with stakeholders) or administration connected with the business of the Parliament, the member’s policy portfolio, or their role as a member;

d)  Preparing for, participating in, or attending to matters arising from an official government, parliamentary or vice regal meeting, event or function;

e)  Preparing for, participating in and attending to matters arising from a meeting (including with stakeholders), event or function for the purposes of their role as a member, including in relation to the member’s policy portfolio;

f)   Preparing for, participating in, or attending to business arising from a non-Parliamentary committee, taskforce or other formal group in which the member participates;

g)  Representing the Parliament, in accordance with an approval of the Parliament or a House of the Parliament, and engaging in associated activities for that purpose;

h)  Representing a Minister or office holder in their official capacity, at the request of that Minister or office holder, at a meeting, event or function;

i)  Representing the Government or Australia, with the approval of the Prime Minister.

Note: For Ministers representing the Government or Australia in their capacity as a Minister, this would be part of the member’s official duties (see Schedule 4).

Last updated: 10 December 2019