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Specified conditions

Conditions for claiming or incurring expenses

You must not make a claim, or incur expenses, in relation to a public resource if you have not met all of the conditions for provision of the public resource (see s28 of the Parliamentary Business Resources Act 2017).

Work expenses, allowances and public resources to be provided to you and the conditions on which they are provided are set out in instruments such as the Parliamentary Business Resources Regulations 2017  (PBR Regulations) and determinations of the Remuneration Tribunal and the Minister. Links to these instruments are set out under Legislative framework.

Amongst other things, the PBR Regulations may impose limits and other conditions (whether on you or any other person) in relation to the provision or payment of public resources (see s34 of the PBR Act).

Therefore, you must not claim or incur work expenses unless you have met the dominant purpose test and value for money obligation as well as any specific conditions that apply to the work expense.

For example, to claim printing costs, you must not only:

  • be printing the material for the dominant purpose of conducting your parliamentary business
  • be satisfied that the choice, and cost, of printing achieves value for money,

but also meet the conditions that the printing:

  • is on paper weighing no more than 700 grams per square metre or flat magnetised material
  • does not solicit: a vote for another person (or any political party); subscriptions or other financial or non-financial support for any member, political party or candidate (other than volunteering); or applications for or renewals of membership in a political party
  • does not provide instructions on how to complete a ballot paper
  • does not include an advertisement pursuing a commercial purpose for yourself or another person (including a business)
  • and that the claim would not exceed the limit of your annual budget for office expenses (as set out in s67 of the PBR Regulations).

On receipt of a claim, MaPS may request evidence or compliance information from you to determine whether the PBR Act has been complied with (s98, PBR Regulations). The Commonwealth is not liable to pay an expense or provide a public resource where you contravene your obligation to comply with all specified conditions applying to the provision of the public resources (s29, PBR Act).

See s66 & 67 of the PBR Regulations and Office expenses - restrictions.

Last updated: 23 January 2020